Watch me play Cat Mario!


so we were talking about sexism in maths and i sit on a table with all boys, and i said “you know women could all agree to stop having sex with men and essentially stop the human race” and this one boy goes “well boys could all agree to stop having sex with women and-” but this other boy cut him off like “yeah dude that ain’t gonna happen” and i died 



this kid threw weed at me today and i smell of drugs now wHAT THE FUCK

you just got




every song can be depressing if u try hard enough

where do we come from?

where do we go?

where do we come from?

*tear slowly streams down face*

*whispers dramatically* cotton eye joe

oh i see, i'm sorry, well i think you can reset your blog so you don't need to make a new one but if you want to make a new one remember to post the link for it and i'm good ^u^ *hugs*

I’m actually going to make it right now. A Doctor Who roleplay blog.


(\o3o/) hug...?

hugs hugs hugs


YAY you're back !!! :D and reblogging sexy stuffs OuO , how you had been? , i missed you ;u;

Eh. I could be better, I suppose. I’ve kinda been avoiding tumblr since the holidays because of parental problems. And deeper stuff, but yeah. I’m truthfully thinking if deleteing my blog and making a new one. How about you?